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30 Years of Experience in Software Development


MIS-Expert.com is a platform to help organizations to automate their business process, improve operation efficiency and increase their profit. We have a series of mature and well-proven software products. In addition, to traditional licensing, we also promote SaaS cloud solution licensing. We also have new products such as Applicants Tracking System, Subcontractor Worker Attendance System and other solutions using emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Machine Learning

We are exploring machine learning in credit and risk control for the financial industry and to reduce manual processes with better accuracy in corporate management.


Artificial Intelligent

We used artificial intelligence in smart vending and to enable better machine-human interaction.b


Internet of Thing (IoT)

We used IoT technology to help smart vending and inventory control. IoT can be used to create innovative ways for sales and inventory operations.


Blockchain (BC)

We are exploring blockchain applications to help document control, smart contract management, corporate management, and operation.

What We do

We regularly organize seminar and workshops to share business best practices, highlighting current business issues and possible software solutions. We also share other IT topics, such as FinTech, digital currency and smart vending.


30 years of experience in software development, FlexSystem blends its business know-how and technique into applications and successfully builds its brand of FlexAccount. Today, FlexSystem has upgrade FlexAccount to FESA Financial, which sets a new standard of financial management system with superior and unexpected user experience. MIS-Expert as a business unit of FlexSystem enables FlexSystem to embrace the cloud age by offering SaaS cloud solutions. MIS-Expert also developed some unique products, such as the Applicants Tracking System, Subcontractor Workers Attendance System, and EDI Business System.

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30 Years of Experience in Software Development

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