Expense Management

Expense Management – can be positioned as either a standalone application or as part of an Employee & Manager Self Service function within HR. 

Expense Management

Expense Management – can be positioned as either a standalone application or as part of an Employee & Manager Self Service function within HR. It enables end users to manage their travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses combined with the required level of management compliance and oversight.

Driving increased productivity and profitability across the organization is an important function of the “Office of the CFO”. Expense Management enables both staff and management to handle expenses anytime and anywhere to provide a mechanism for the expense process. From pre-approvals of expenses through to the efficient management of the claims process, both in terms of timely employee expense form submissions and in providing managers with the tools to compare actual to planned costs, enables value creation through the ability to tightly manage expense and associated cash flows. Furthermore, comprehensive analytics allows for erroneous trends to be identified quickly and corrected as needed by management.


Drives compliance with policies and risk management
Drives timely capture of expense information
Supports overall cash flow planning for T&E
Allows for separation of personal and business expenses
Employees and managers can work @anywhere
Pre-approval and post-approval processes against original budget approval amounts
Pre capture project information references for re-charges etc
Enables capture of details from the physical receipt
Analytics in multiple dimensions for management control and to drive future savingsh
Advanced analytics capability to capture detailed expense information for flights and hotels in order to facilitate future negotiation of corporate rates


  • Can be deployed on mobile or desktop
  • Simple or multi-level authorization capability
  • Can use the mobile camera to quickly capture electronic copies of receipts
  • Expense codes can be mapped to General Ledger
  • Handles multi-currency
  • Payment and advice notification
  • Supports Budget on-costs preparation for employees and management
  • Supports Budget Accruals and Encumbrances
  • Supports overseas office oversights
  • Supports late workers electronic allowance program