30 years of experience in software development, FlexSystem blends its business know-how and technique into applications and successfully builds its brand of FlexAccount.


Today, FlexSystem has upgrade FlexAccount to FESA Financial, which sets a new standard of financial management system with superior and unexpected user experience.

MIS-Expert as a business unit of FlexSystem enables FlexSystem to embrace the cloud age by offering SaaS cloud solutions. MIS-Expert also developed some unique products, such as the Applicants Tracking System, Subcontractor Workers Attendance System, and EDI Business System.

Subcontractor Worker Attendance System (CWAS)

Most construction project will involve subcontractors, the safety of workers of the subcontractors is also the responsible of the principal contractor.

The EMSD of the Hong Kong Government requires contractors to submit the workers on site, including all workers from the subcontractors. CWAS capture the information required for EMSD submission purposes.

EDI Business System

It has been times that you are supplying goods to some international firms. 

 They have a sophisticated ERP system and accept no manual process in placing purchase orders. 

Applicants Tracking System (ATS)

A business cannot be successful without quality talents, however, getting quality talent is not an easy job.

No candidate is a problem, but a lot of candidates is also a problem.

FESA Financial

20 years ago, we built FlexAccount Financial Management System which is a popular accounting software application with its user-friendly and practical functions.

Over 20% of Hong Kong-listed company is our customer making use of FlexAccount to effectively manage their financial and accounting processes day by day.

FESA Financial Query

When talking about extracting FlexAccount data to a spreadsheet for reporting purposes, you must think of FION.

It is our well-known software product since launched, that thousand users enjoy this easy-to-use and practical reporting tool.

FESA Consolidation

FESA Consolidation is dedicated to improving efficiency and internal control over the preparation of consolidated financial statements and also the execution process related to performance management for a group of companies.

It provides automation and streamlines of group consolidation and budgeting functions to meet financial regulatory requirements and to facilitate the reconciliation between differing standards.


EIQX is an enterprise-class query engine for all your BI needs.

It provides a powerful and integrated platform to easily explore, extract, transform and deliver valuable data for operational reporting, query, and analysis.

FESA Fixed Asset

Instead of going through time-consuming and laborious counting of assets, why not take a smart move to an all-in-one fixed assets management solution?

FESA Fixed Asset is specially designed for effective and accurate control of assets.

FESA Human Resources

Employees are the most important assets in your company and FESA Human Resources (HR) is a modular and comprehensive solution suite that allows you to manage all of your HR-related processes on either a reactive or pro-active basis.

HR provides you with the ability to manage all tasks including your payrolls, attendance records, leave management requirements, appraisals for performance management, and your learning & development needs, thereby significantly reducing administrative workload for the company and allowing the increased focus to more strategic initiatives.

FESA Trading

FESA Trading is the right choice when you are looking for a practical and efficient solution to manage your trading business.

It automates complex order processing while keeping your warehouse operation as productive as possible.

FESA Property

FESA Property is a comprehensive management system dedicated to the property management industry.

This industry-specific solution is developed by FlexSystem’s decade of experience, that property providers are easy to obtain the information with what they need when they need it.

Budgeting FP & A

FlexSystem Budgeting for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a platform optimized for management accounting

that you can with confidence actively, continuously, and dynamically, manage your end to end budgeting preparation and any associated transformational processes with full auditability of underlying numbers and with segmentation of duty.

Expense Management

Expense Management – can be positioned as either a standalone application or as part of an Employee & Manager Self Service function within HR.

It enables end users to manage their travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses combined with the required level of management compliance and oversight.


Driving relevant, efficient, timely, and compliant standard or fast-tracked procurement processes, through your approved suppliers, will not only facilitate savings but will also ensure that all related transactional flow activities are kept transparent, during your Procure to Pay cycles.

Our process flows can leverage mobility to enable faster approval reviews, with full compliance being achieved by using either simple or complex routing workflows that can be varied to include multiple parties based on seniority, amounts involved, or type of product.

Flex Work Flow

FlexWorkflow empowers you easily design, simulate, implement, monitor and measure workflow for various business and administration processes.

By using FlexWorkflow, you can trace every business process and workflow at your fingertip.

Ledger Base

With ultra-fast processing of large volumes of data, an APP store of pre-built templates for complex tasks, our DBPM will add significant value in streamlining your management accounting processes and improving productivity throughout your organization.

With the concept of Virtual Assistants, actionable alerts or workflows can be generated to give contextual information and/or further workflows.