Focusing Mindsets for Better Outcomes

Corporate, government and honed societal values, coupled with the redefinition of how work will look from hereon in, is mandating that companies continue to implement, as well as experiment, with different organisational and policy approaches.

Hard enough at the best of times, the scale of change today makes it all the more tougher, as this is against a continuing backdrop where both success or failure can be presented, as well as amplified, on social media by increasingly very diverse and varying stakeholders.

Value Creation with Compliance

Is 2021 a good time to rock the boat even more. A time to sort out those deeper frictional issues that continually suck out your functional time. You know the ones that impact and undermine the speed of decision making activities across finance, operations, and HR.

Eco shocks combined with varying degrees of restrictions on resource movements are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and will continue to expose you to these types of process gaps and deficiencies within your organisation, as you continue to drive your focused value creation activities. However, timing to make these iterative or even those deeper process changes for operational efficiency are now arguably right, particularly around the current sense of urgency to drive value creation and ongoing business continuity with tighter compliance.

Managing Data Bubbles

Bubbles can be seen as positive in that ongoing process changes within data silos can be tightly managed, or negative from the viewpoint that these primary data sources might contain core relevant information that is not easily accessible to others.

Functional, departmental, regional and global bubble variants exist, but each one can be expanded or reduced in size to drive broader deeper controlled change, or even removed altogether. As always, successful execution is in the detail.